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(310) 595-5054

Violin repair specialist

With more than 40 years of experience

Thank you for your extraordinary work on my violin. I have met few in this world who are both true masters and artists. You are one.

I am so very grateful for your care and concern, and do so appreciate the opportunity to watch and learn.

Thank you, with much gratitude...

Elizabeth Landers

Professional bow maker

Maker of high quality violin bows

Mr. Sharon is the best violin luthier in Los Angeles, very professional, ethical, and caring.

He is quick and fair, has sold me a very good violin and comes highly recommended by my violin teacher, Andrew Raiher.

If you are in Los Angeles, you should bring your bows for re-hair and violins for set up and repair to Mr. Sharon, you will not be disappointed.

He is also the maker of some very fine bows that I am looking forward to purchasing soon.

Hal C

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